In order to maintain the high standards of the GEBE brand products, all products already in our portfolio and all planned new products are first examined and tested in our company laboratory. These are then tested in practice on a wide variety of vehicles. On our company premises as well as at our numerous workshop partners. The results of all these tests are then used to optimize the product if necessary. This is the only way we can guarantee to sell the best possible products to our customers and stand behind products of the highest quality.

This is because the capabilities of our comprehensive testing equipment allow our quality and engineering team to comprehensively evaluate our electrical and electronic portfolio and enable us to perform product approvals, application testing and quality control in-house; efficiently and reliably.







Get to know one of our lab engineers.

Here you see Marco Rompf.
As a service engineer and strengthens our technical support and customer service capabilities.

Marco began his journey in the automotive industry, working as a mechatronics technician for 7 years before becoming a service engineer at #NTN-SNR for over 9 years.

With his hands-on experience and extensive automotive knowledge, Marco is a well-known technical contact and trainer for the IAM.