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State of the art end-to-end service

From German blue-chip companies to automotive OEMs and major spare parts trader, we are an established private labeling partner. Due to our technical competence in our HQ and our close cooperation with tier 1 industry partners, our products and end-to-end services are trusted around the globe.

To deliver a service at the level of the product quality, we are continuously improving our processes to cater for variance of industry and customer specific requirements. Our ways of working are based on the direct alignment of our clients’ product management and our technical department at all times. This two-pronged approach increases efficient alignment and exchange of experience.

“At IKA Germany, our private labeling services are as flexible as your requirements. From product development of small series solutions to the complete package with portfolio development, technical consultation & warehousing. Decades of close partnerships with industry, OEMs and wholesalers, continuously benchmark us against the best in all respects.”

– IKA Germany

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