GEBE Academy

The training courses are as divers as your requirements, from comprehensive technical one-on-one sessions for Product & Category Management to class-room sessions for the Sales teams:

  • Function & application
  • Technical background & complexity
  • Value argumentation & product highlights

Please contact your account representative for your individual session.

As a means to make the basic product know-how easily available to you & your customers, we started the GEBE Academy Youtube channel.

Along with a long roadmap of planned sessions, we are always happy to prioritize and support with visuals for your market introductions.

Let us know what products you want to see, discuss and share with your team and customer next.

The YouTube series by GEBE

Episode 1: Relais (German)
Episode 2: EGR-Valves (English)
We really recommend watching the series. No matter if you only want to inform you about the product or even need help. Furthermore we will of course  always be there for you, so feel free to contact us.